Applying Hair Conditioners Daily? Keep These Points In Mind

People usually use a variety of products to take special care of their hair. At the same time, putting conditioner after shampoo is regarded as a basic hair care routine. Conditioner helps in keeping the hair healthy by giving it a smooth touch.

However, before applying conditioner, it is better to know some important things. Usually, our hair becomes clean only after washing it with shampoo. However, if no conditioner is applied after shampooing, hair becomes dry, frizzy, and lifeless. Here are some of the things that you should know.

Benefits of applying conditioner

1.Reduces dryness and keep it nourished.

  1. In addition, by using a conditioner, the oil and silicone can help balance of the hair is maintained.
  2. It help keep the hair silky and lustrous.

Reasons to apply conditioners

For those of you who don’t know natural conditioner is already present in the hair. However, frequent hair washing depletes it. As a result, the hair gets dry and tough. In this case, the conditioner used after shampooing locks in the moisture of the hair and prevents the natural conditioner from wearing off.

How to apply conditioners

Step 1: Take a certain amount of it as per your hair volume onto your palms.

Step 2: Apply it to the tip of the hair

Step 3: Rinse with fresh water after 3 minutes.

Go for the right kind of conditioners

Select a conditioner based on your hair type. However, it is better to use a live-in conditioner before styling your hair.

Here’s how you can choose

If your hair is extremely dry and lifeless, a hydrating conditioner may be a wonderful alternative for you.

For oily hair, however, use a light conditioner, and for thin hair, apply a volumising conditioner.