Why Wearing Heels During Pregnancy Can Be Dangerous

Motherhood is a thrilling and gratifying experience, but it is not without risks. A woman’s body undergoes numerous modifications during her pregnancy. She must be conscious of what she eats and the way she lives. The nine-month pregnancy experience is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. During pregnancy, some women can be spotted wearing high heels. The question now is, is it safe to wear heels when pregnant?

While there is an endless list of hypothetical questions that would-be mothers may have. One of the most often asked topics by doctors is whether a pregnant woman can wear heels.

High-heeled sandals or shoes might make pregnancy extremely difficult. Wearing heels during pregnancy, according to Mom Junction, is not a good idea. There are numerous scientific reasons why doing so may make pregnancy more difficult. So, let’s look at why heels should be avoided throughout pregnancy.

Back pain: High heels affect your posture, and wearing them for an extended period can cause your pelvic muscles to fold forward. When this occurs, you lean heavily forward from the rear. Pregnancy causes rapid weight gain, which impacts posture even more. High heels can cause back pain to worsen quickly. During pregnancy, it can also create difficulties with the ligaments in the lower back and legs.

Cramps in the legs: When you wear heels for a long time, the muscles in your feet start contracting, and muscle cramps occur. It can increase more in pregnancy.

Balance Problems: Weight gain and hormonal fluctuations cause your ankles to weaken, causing your balance to be thrown off. This can throw your balance off and cause you to tumble. This can be hazardous to both you and your unborn child.

Swollen feet: Swelling in the feet and ankles are frequent during pregnancy, and the main cause is a lack of appropriate and comfortable footwear. Tight shoes and high heels or platform heels might exacerbate the situation.